Spare Parts

Prevent downtime with timely and cost-effective spare parts solutions

We understand the importance of keeping your wind turbines turning, and when a failure occurs, we are here to help you minimize the downtime of your wind turbines.

Experts in electrical components

Our core expertise lies in electrical components for wind turbines, and over the years, we have serviced various customers in the wind industry.

We offer spare parts supply and distribution, buffer stock agreements and tailor-made service kits for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), asset owners, operators and independent service providers (ISPs).

We have made it possible for our customers to bundle their tasks for an even smoother workflow and our dedicated spare parts teams have extensive experience in finding the right solution to your current needs. 

Efficient spare parts management

We aim to keep your turbines turning by solving your problems fast and efficiently – and at the right price.

Our comprehensive setup ensures that no matter what component you need, we are here to serve you, either by supplying you with our own spare parts or trading goods from renowned manufacturers.

Our extensive distribution setup is built and scaled to handle quick deliveries worldwide to keep your downtime to an absolute minimum.


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