We empower a sustainable future through renewable energy solutions.

Leveraging our customers' strengths, we drive competitiveness and profitability, making a meaningful contribution to global sustainability.

Explore our latest ESG Report

Explore our latest ESG report to gain an overview of our sustainability initiatives, including focus areas and achievements from the previous year, as well as our objectives for the future.

Reinforcing our Code of Conduct

We continuously work to reinforce our Code of Conduct to secure responsible business practices across our operation and suppliers.

We are committed to ensure that our suppliers uphold the same high standards as we put forward.

Business ethics and whistleblowing

High ethical standards and responsible business practices are fundamental to our corporate culture and behaviour. And we are committed to ensure compliance with worldwide regulatory requirements and internal policies.

Our secure whisteblower platform allow our employees and all external stakeholders to bring attention to potential corruption, irresponsible behaviours or practices, and non-compliance with regulations or internal policies. 

A long-term commitment

In 2010, we joined the UN Global Compact and remain committed to focus on our corporate social responsibility – both when it comes to human rights, employees, environment, anti-corruption and society in general.

Going forward, we will continue to improve our sustainability actions by setting ambitious targets and implementing processes that support sustainability while influencing our stakeholders and suppliers.