Electrolyser Power Supply

Scalable power supply for electrolysers

Designed to reduce cost, complexity and ensure a low failure rate.

Through a modular approach, scalability efforts for green hydrogen customers within electrolyser applications become feasible. Constructed from preconfigured building blocks, the power supply for electrolysers accelerates time-to-market.

The modular converter platform introduces cutting-edge IGBT technology and enhances power density, allowing for parallel operation of up to 4 subsystems, each independently protected.

In the pursuit of cost efficiencies for hydrogen production, highly efficient converter modules leverage a global supply chain and manufacturing capabilities, resulting in low acquisition costs.

Our engineering competencies enable the customization of solutions for specific customer needs, adhering to proven standards while meeting site and grid requirements, making us the chosen provider by leading power conversion electrolyser OEMs.

Key benefits


  • Scalable 3 MW LV rectifier modules for electrolysers up to 12 MW

  • Highly variable DC-voltage ranges (up to 1200 voltage) with optional DC/DC converter

  • Highly efficient rectifier system with the latest IGBT technology

  • Flexible medium voltage levels via transformer rating

  • Optional seamless reactive power supply or voltage control 


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