A global leader in electro-mechanical systems for wind turbines.

Our solutions range from development of electrical systems and lean manufacturing to world-class service and monitoring solutions.

Unrivalled domain knowledge

Ever since our founders developed one of the world's first control systems for a wind turbines in the 1970s, we have been a leader in electrical systems for wind turbines.

Our unrivalled domain knowledge of wind turbines has propelled us to the forefront of the wind industry. We are experts in electrical systems and our ability to provide innovative and integrated solutions sets us apart from others.

Our expertise extends across a wide spectrum of wind solutions. From smaller control systems and monitoring solutions to reliable energy storage systems and efficient power converters, we cover it all.

In addition, we deliver high-quality services to help you improve wind turbine availability and extend the lifetime of your fleet.

Preferred partner in Wind

We are preferred partner to major renewable OEM's, asset owners and operators.

Being a trusted partner to a large part of the wind and renewable industry, we deliver specialised solutions to the world’s largest OEM’s, asset owners and operators.

We benefit from being placed in the strongest wind power cluster in the world, and with our global presence we follow our customers wherever they need us.

A global leader in the wind industry


years of experience in electrical 
systems for wind turbines


wind turbines are equipped 
with our solutions


of the global offshore wind capacity
is equipped with our solutions

Proven technology and innovative solutions

We draw on an extensive track record and industry-leading domain knowledge when developing electrical systems, tailored to customer requirements.

We have the capabilities to support customers at all stages in the development of hardware and software solutions, either through development consultancy from our experts, a joint product development effort or KK Wind Solutions handling the entire process based on customer specifications.

Regardless of the setup, we always focus on ensuring our solutions’ ability to integrate seamlessly with our customers’ turbines to optimise turbine performance. And with a modular approach to product development, we ensure fast and cost-efficient development and flexible solutions.

Reducing cost and complexity

Lower cost and complexity through global manufacturing and flexible supply chain solutions.

KK Wind Solutions has extensive experience in reducing cost and complexity in our customers’ supply chain mainly through supply chain management, strategic sourcing and LEAN production.

Our in-depth understanding of the industry means we can collaborate closely with our customers to find and fulfill the potential for cost reductions in sourcing, manufacturing and logistics, acting as a  trusted, dedicated and agile supplier. We take pride in continuous optimisation – both in daily operations and with a long-term strategic focus.

Combined with our high production volume in state-of-the-art manufacturing and test facilities and vast experience, this translates into cost effective solutions with high quality.

World-class service solutions

As specialist providers of service on electrical systems, our highly skilled service engineers and technicians take a proactive approach to turbine operations and maintenance.

Our service offerings support the entire turbine lifetime from prototype testing, pre-commissioning and high voltage services for installation, to predictive maintenance, supply and repair of spare parts, retrofit and upgrade solutions to improve turbine performance.

We take pride in our ability to respond and adapt to customer needs, and our technicians have both the knowledge and experience to take initiative in solving problems and finding solutions to get the job done. In all of our operations we take a preventative approach to safety and maintain the highest quality standards.

As with all of our solutions, our service offerings can be customised to meet your unique challenges and requirements and can include training, technical support and project management.

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