Monitoring & Prognostics

Powerful monitoring solutions that protect your assets and reduce downtime.

To establish an efficient and cost-effective operations and maintenance schedule, monitoring and prognostic solutions play a vital role in preventing unexpected component failures.

Protect your assets and reduce downtime

With a demonstrated track record and extensive expertise, we provide condition monitoring solutions specifically developed for wind turbine manufacturers and operators, as well as vibration monitoring solutions designed to meet the requirements of different industrial machinery with various applications.

Our solutions empower owners and operators to make informed operational decisions, effectively reducing downtime while maximising output.


TCM® Turbine Condition Monitoring

TCM® is a secure end-to-end hardware and software solution for monitoring the health of core components in your wind turbine, allowing you to detect early damages and failures across your wind turbine fleet.


PCH Vibration Monitors

Our range of vibration monitoring solutions limit the impact of unexpected breakdowns on your wind turbines or industial machinery with real-time vibration monitoring. 


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