Vibration Monitors

Limit the impact of unexpected breakdowns on your machinery with real-time vibration monitoring.

With more than 20 years of experience in the vibration monitoring industry, we offer a wide range of monitoring solutions for traditional rotating machines such as decanters, blowers, fans, compressors, gearboxes and wind turbines.

Vibration monitoring specialist

Fast-reacting vibration measurements that help machine owners proactively prevent unforeseen breakdowns in rotating machinery.

In 2021, we acquired PCH Engineering. As a part of KK Wind Solutions, we deliver vibration monitoring products and solutions specifically tailored for wind turbines.

Additionally, we cater to a diverse array of industrial manufacturers, offering solutions for various applications such as industrial centrifuges, decanters & purifiers, industrial gears, industrial blowers & pumps, industrial waste handling systems, cooling towers, food & chemical treatment, power plants, and more.

A diverse portfolio of vibration monitoring solutions

Our range of vibration monitoring solutions encompasses cutting-edge technology, including advanced structural vibration monitors, accelerometers, transmitters, proximity probes, and sensors. Our vibration monitors are fully customisable, and with our advanced filtering technology, we ensure that detection matches the equipment monitored.

Rapid-response vibration measurements
With a dedicated emphasis on rapid-response vibration measurements, we empower machine owners to proactively avert or minimise unexpected breakdowns in rotating machinery. We aim to provide customers with millisecond feedback and real-time alarms derived from operational conditions.

Reliable vibration monitors you can depend on
We adhere to rigorous quality control protocols to ensure the highest quality, subjecting all our products to meticulous testing before shipment. Our commitment to thorough quality assurance guarantees the trustworthiness of our vibration monitors.