Light Backup

Customisable Light Backup Unit

The light system provides both comfort light and emergency light for the maintenance and service crews to work safely in the turbine.

Our light backup unit is scalable to longer backup times and different output power ratings. Our modular UPS system helps significantly reduce the total cost throughout the entire value chain and enables the customisation of systems for different platforms. The interconnectable systems allow separation between the tower and the nacelle.

It provides backup power only when the light is on, along with battery protection and deep-discharge protection. It can be wall-mounted or permanent or set up using magnets.

The light backup can provide backup for a minimum of 30 minutes after 3 years of operation at 30°C. Furthermore, the system self-regulates on temperature and humidity to create a suitable internal environment for the sensible part inside.

Key benefits

The light backup unit provides comfort light and emergency light in both tower and nacelle.


  • Easy pre-install into turbine tower and easy commissioning

  • Centralised battery reduces the service cost of lamps in the turbine

  • Optional features of visual and audible alarms

  • Compliance to: IEC 61439-2, IEC 60204-1, EN 50308-1


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