Reducing cost and complexity

Lower cost and complexity through global manufacturing and flexible supply chain solutions.

A world-class manufacturing partner

With decades of manufacturing expertise, we proudly stand as the preferred partner for the world's leading renewable OEMs.

Reducing cost and complexity

We offer various supply chain services that reduce cost and complexity in our customers’ supply chain.

From built-to-print of minor components to delivery of large-scale systems, we partner with customers to improve cash flow and reduce risk, while never compromising on safety and quality.

Our capabilities within cost-efficient global sourcing and profound supply chain management mean we can also take responsibility for suppliers on behalf of our customers, reducing risk and complexity further.

Additionally, we run cost out programs and develop customised supply chain concepts in close collaboration with customers.

Safety first, always!

Our people are paramount, and we are unwavering in our commitment to maintaining the highest safety standards in the workplace. Our aim is to achieve zero accidents throughout the company.

Since 2012, KK Wind Solutions has been certified according to the OHSAS 18001 / ISO 45001 (Occupa­tional Health and Safety Management System), underlining our commitment to continuously improving on health and safety.

We continuously foster a strong safety culture and create a work environment where our employees can thrive and, above all, return to their loved ones safely every day.

Cost-effective manufacturing and global footprint

As our customers strive towards a more global market presence and are required to deliver cost-effective local or regional solutions, we offer a globalised cost-effective value chain that meets these requirements.

We provide a global, integrated and cost-effective supply chain from our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in:

  • Denmark, Poland, India, China and Taiwan

Our approach is centered on achieving optimal cost-effectiveness within our supply chain. We leverage a competitive footprint, employ LEAN methods, embrace digitalization, and integrate automation, robotics, and innovative supply chain practices to ensure efficiency at every stage.

Highest quality standards

We never compromise on quality and take a proactive approach to achieving improvements

We have a well-documented and implemented Quality Management System, certified by DNV GL according to the following standards:

  • ISO 9001  |  ISO 14001  |   ISO 45001

Our stage gate project model ensures a thorough analysis of specifications, customer requirements and ensures a seamless implementation in to our supply chain all the way from supplier selection to serial production.

Simulation, calculations, documentation, D/P-FMEA, review and FAI are natural parts of our project execution. Furthermore, our test regime verifies and validates compliance in close cooperation with our customers and we communicate openly and immediately regarding any irregularities.          

Founding member of APQP4Wind
KK Wind Solutions is dedicated to advancing industry quality standards and proudly stands as a founding member of APQP4Wind, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to driving excellence in our industry. 

Strategic sourcing

Our highly specialised sourcing organisation leverages extensive experience and technical know-how. We excel in handling supplier qualification, selection, and negotiations, ensuring competitive quality and pricing.

Through a substantial purchasing volume, we achieve economies of scale, flexible deliveries and cost competitiveness. Our robust supply chain operations are grounded in strong relationships with a strong supplier base, subject to continuous audits for system, process, and product quality. 

Our dedicated category teams work closely with suppliers on applying LEAN principles and drive cost-out projects.

Flexible and fast NPI

Our model for rapid New Product Introduction (NPI) ensures our partners fast and flexible introduction of products according to their specifications and expectations.

Our long experience as a supplier to leading wind turbine manufacturers combined with a clear gate model process ensures quick adaption of customer requirements and alignment of our resources and capabilities.

We ensure that a dedicated team monitors the entire process from screenings ahead of quotation via design and prototyping to O-series and mass production to ensure quality and speed.

Robotic manufacturing

Strong capabilities in production automation and robotics.

In our pursuit of operational superiority, we leverage robotic manufacturing, to deliver superior quality, robust traceability, and competitive pricing.

Continuously advancing our manufacturing processes, we are actively incorporating more automation and robotics. A testament to this commitment is the establishment of a cutting-edge robotic manufacturing line at our facility in Poland, dedicated to producing inverter modules for a leading wind OEM.

The integration of automation enhances efficiency, elevating production output and improving product quality, solidifying our leadership in the market.

Tailored tests ​in unique facilities

Drawing on years of experience in functionality and assembly testing for a range of electrical systems, KK Wind Solutions has developed specific test solutions which comply with the highest standards. ​

​All tests can be tailored to customer requirements, and cover the full range of testing for converters, including pressure testing, high voltage, isolation, bonding, functionality, full load and visual tests throughout the production process. ​

​Our suite of environmental tests is carried out either in our own facilities or through our partnerships with industry-leading test providers.    

Global logistics

Operating globally, our extensive supply chain and regional distribution centers allow us to seamlessly deliver logistics services, closely aligned with our clients' needs.

Demonstrating strong delivery performance, we consistently meet on-time delivery expectations for finished goods and spare parts. 

A dedicated team manages customs, taxes, and certificates on a global scale, ensuring a seamless and reliable process for our clients.