Yaw Backup System

Reliable power backup

Providing reliable power to yaw motors and wind turbines systems during grid outages.

Developed for high flexibility and modularity, our Yaw Backup System enables tailoring the voltage, power and capacity ratings as per your solution's needs by seamlessly adding more battery modules.

It uses a modular technology platform which enables fast time-to-market, resilient supply chain and cost-efficient manufacturing.

Surpassing traditional UPS systems, our battery optimisation technology ensures the reliability of operations by enabling redundancy down to each battery cell. With advanced battery control systems, we estimate battery life expectancy and only replace depleted modules, increasing reliability and reducing maintenance costs.

Additionally, the usage of lithium battery technology (LFP) reduces maintenance visits and battery replacements compared to lead-acid batteries and other lithium battery types (NMC).

Key benefits


  • Off-grid charging reduces capacity needs and capital expenditures / operating expenses 

  • High flexibility and scalability in power, energy and voltage ratings

  • Enhanced reliability through battery module redundancy

  • Individual battery load control ensures optimal lifetime operations

  • Proven track record with major OEMs


Proven track record

5,000+ systems

With a track record of successfully delivering over 5,000 systems to major OEMs, the Yaw Backup System has established a solid market reputation based on its advanced control and battery technology.

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