Training & Support

Improve your wind turbine operations with first-class training and support.

Our products and services enable customers to make the right operational decisions and with a wide range of training and support services, we ensure that your wind turbine run smoothly.

Dedicated training and support

Understanding how a systems works is essential to prolonging the lifetime of electrical systems.

Through demonstration and education, we provide training sessions at several levels. Whether you are a site manager, site technician or an engineer, our experts can assist you in becoming confident with our solutions. 

Our comprehensive support setup is geared to solve whatever questions might occur onsite: from software updates and maintenance, to data transfer and troubleshooting.

One of our main support services used by leading on- and offshore wind turbine owners and operators worldwide includes quarterly software updates, security updates, improved diagnostic tests and ongoing service improvements for all customers.

Need technical support?

Use our round-the-clock technical support for fast responses and solutions