Non-standard Production

Producing low volume parts with high variability.

We offer fast and efficient small-scale solutions for our customers in projects that involve low volume parts with high variability.

Built for your needs

If we cannot source you a specific part, we can build it specifically for you.

Our non-standard production team supports our customers in projects that involve low volume parts with high variability. We strive to meet any requirement that our customers may have by supplying them with high variability products ready to be implemented and used.

We produce and certify according to internationally recognized standards, including IEC, CE, UL & CSA, and other regional standards that might be required.

Our approach ensures that we remain cost competitive by avoiding high NPI/NPD costs whilst staying compliant to all quality processes, including APQP4Wind.

Flexible small-scale solutions

With our flexible non-flow area in our factory, we offer fast and efficient small-scale solutions.

Kitset solutions
Our kit set solutions are lifesavers for both OEMs and turbine owners. Designed for spare parts and panel upgrades, they can mitigate design mistakes or replace obsolete components. The kit sets are a shortcut to prolong the life of older turbines.

The sub-assemblies are smaller series specially made for sub-suppliers. The various products are designed and produced on demand for several turbine sub-systems and are not a part of our main production line but only made on request.

Functioning panels are essential for the turbines, and we are specialized in both legacy panels still in operation and new designs. The panels are built to print of non-standard panels for turbine control, power or SCADA. The smaller panel series are available for OEMs, turbine owners and sub-suppliers.

Customer design
Based on customer-specific needs and requirements, we design and produce complete tailor-made solutions from scratch. With our advanced and flexible production setup, we can easily adjust our production to accommodate your requirements and timeline.

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