Powerful systems tailored to your needs

With four decades of experience, we bring unparalleled expertise, delivering proven technology and innovative solutions.

Customised solutions built on proven technology

We pride ourselves on combining unique customer requirements with our modular approach to product development and manufacturing, offering you the best of both worlds: a customised solution built on proven technology.

Control Systems

Advanced control systems and software for reliable control and seamless integration.


Monitoring & Prognostics

Powerful condition monitoring that helps to protect your assets and reduce downtime.


Energy Storage Systems

Scalable energy storage systems that ensure reliable and stable power supply.


Power Conversion

Efficient power converters based on proven technology and modular design.


Integrated Systems

Large-scale, customised platforms combining electrical systems and mechanical structures.


A proven approach to system development

With focus on integration and optimisation

We draw on an extensive track record and industry-leading domain knowledge when developing electrical systems, tailored to customer requirements.

We have the capabilities to support customers at all stages in the development of hardware and software solutions, either through development consultancy from our experts, a joint product development effort or KK Wind Solutions handling the entire process based on customer specifications.

Regardless of the setup, we always focus on ensuring our solutions’ ability to integrate seamlessly with our customers’ turbines to optimise turbine performance. And with a modular approach to product development, we ensure fast and cost-efficient development and flexible solutions.

Before serial production in either our own or our customers’ production facilities, the reliability of products is ensured through systematic preparation in our state-of-the-art prototyping and testing facilities.