Turbine Condition Monitoring

Transform your operations and maintenance strategy, reduce downtime, and maximise power production.

Turbine Condition Monitoring (TCM®) is a secure end-to-end hardware and software solution for monitoring the health of core components in your wind turbine, allowing you to detect early damages and failures across your wind turbine fleet.

Avoid turbine failures and increase power production

Preventing wind turbine failures and understanding the health state of core wind turbine parts are essential commercial drivers when managing a wind farm.

With 25+ years of experience, TCM® is a state-of-the-art and secure condition monitoring solution that identifies emerging faults and damages in core wind turbine components.

TCM® empowers owners and operators to predict turbine health and improve operational decisions that help reduce turbine downtime and increase power production – providing site managers and maintenance personnel peace of mind.

Our solutions

TCM® enable you to detect emerging faults, anticipate spare part requirements, and precisely schedule maintenance, minimising downtime to the bare minimum.

TCM® Monitoring

Reliable condition monitoring service helps you avoid unplanned downtime.


TCM® Hardware

Condition monitoring hardware designed for both offshore and onshore wind turbines.


TCM® Retrofit

Future-proof your wind turbines with the latest condition monitoring technology.


TCM® Training & Support

Expand your condition monitoring capabilities and get the most out of your solution.


A global leader in condition monitoring


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Predict failures and reduce maintenance costs

Our high-quality vibration sensors are designed to measure every vibration with high precision, whether vibrations occur in the main bearing, gearbox and generator or undesired tower sway, rotor imbalance or tail wag. 

Mounted in the most important locations of the drive train, the accelerometers accurately monitor low frequency vibrations

The M-Sensors consists of two axial DC-coupled accelerometers, which monitor the tower sway and rotor imbalance.
The M-system unit is placed inside the nacelle of the wind turbine. It collects data from all connected sensors simultaneously, processes information and transfers the data and alarms to your TCM® solution in the cloud.
TCM® collects data from other components, including RPM, Active Power and much more, providing you with the comprehensive view of your wind turbine's health.

Powerful and cyber-secure diagnostics

TCM® is built on a robust security foundation to protect IT and OT infrastructures against cyber-attacks and interruptions in energy production. TCM® is enabled for compliance according to NERC CIP, IEC62443, NIST and NIS2.

TCM® Ocular - A powerful diagnostics tool
Our diagnostics tool provides you with a powerful analysis engine ideal for data mining, machine-modelling, and much more, supporting the accuracy of your monitoring and maintenance workflows.

Seamless integration with your IT
Expand your condition monitoring capabilities by integrating TCM® with your SCADA, ERP or other IT systems. We offer flexible deployment options, including cloud or on-premise servers, to meet the specific IT needs of your wind farm. 

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