Retrofit & Upgrades

Extend wind turbine lifetime by 20 years.

The lifetime of a wind turbine is typically 25 years, but with technological advancements, we can help add another 20 years of operation, maximizing the performance and output of your wind turbine fleet.

Control system retrofit

Extending turbine lifetime

As owners and operators are extending the lifetime of their wind turbines, a new challenge has arisen: sourcing the correct spare parts for the turbine controllers.

Original controllers consist of components that are obsolete and operational functionality not designed for your future needs.

With today’s controllers, retrofitted controllers are much better at collecting essential data, thereby improving the operation and removing the obsolescence issue.

Condition monitoring retrofit

Prevent breakdowns with state-of-the-art CMS

TCM® revitalizes wind turbines by equipping them with the latest condition monitoring (CMS) technology, enabling you to identify faults and damages in core components.

Through high-quality vibration sensors and advanced diagnostic technology, TCM®  helps owners and operators to proactively improve operational decisions and prevent turbine breakdowns.

We are a trusted supplier of condition monitoring solutions for all major operators and asset owners. Today, more than 30,000 turbines and a total of 75 % of all offshore turbines use TCM® for condition monitoring.

3kVA Controller Backup

Cost-effective controller power backup

The 3kVA Lithium Battery Module is designed to reduce the long-term operating costs of servicing by up to 56%.

It has a service interval up to 12.5 years, depending on usage. It is also one of the safest batteries on the market as it uses LiFePO4 battery technology, a safer technology over other types of lithium and lead-acid batteries.

Choosing our 3kVA UPS system will give you a more intelligent battery management system with minimum maintenance and maximum performance.

Looking for an upgrade?

Extend your wind turbine lifetime by 20 years