Power Conversion

We are a global leader in converter manufacturing

We develop and manufacture tailor-made converter solutions that offer improved power density, efficiency, modularity and optimal performance while lowering the total cost of ownership (TCO). 

Full-scope converter partner

We take pride in providing customised and cost-efficient power converters that are capable of meeting customer requirements.

With an agile global value chain and vast manufacturing expertise, we enable fast development of new converter solutions with a focus on high quality, enhanced reliability and grid compliance. 

Our dedicated customer teams provide end-to-end services in designing, producing and servicing converters throughout their entire lifespan. We also offer easy access to replacement parts and provide lifetime support for critical components, including repair and retrofit services. 

A proven track record within renewables

With an established track record in the renewables industry, we stand as the largest converter manufacturer in the wind sector.

Our proven expertise lies in supporting top-tier wind turbine customers in scaling technologies from prototypes to global manufacturing on a gigawatt scale, all backed by our impressive annual production capacity exceeding 20 GW.

Moreover, we are a trusted supplier of electrolyser power supply’s and rectifiers to the world's leading manufacturers of green hydrogen and electrolyser systems. 

Our solutions

Cost-efficient power converters that are capable of meeting customer requirements.

Power Converters

Converters tailored for each application built on cost-effective and reliable designs.


Electrolyser Power Supply

Scalable and reliable power supply for electrolysers in green hydrogen production.