Control Panels

Tailored control panels to fit any customer specification

Building on four decades of experience, we develop and manufacture control panels tailored to customer specifications. 

A proven approach to panel development

Our capabilities on both hardware and software design means we can partner with customers at any level of panel development.

We collaborate with customers at all stages from simple build-to-print manufacturing to more advanced build-to-specification tasks and joint product development.

We have development, manufacturing and service capabilities under one roof, and we use this knowledge to actively improve the products while catering to customer requirements.

To us, it is a natural part of innovation to work closely both with customers to optimise the design. This is a major part of how we drive down the cost of energy.

World-class supply chain and lean manufacturing

Our lean manufacturing setup ensures you competitive cost and high quality while reducing complexity in your business.

Through decades of experience as supplier to world-leading wind turbine manufacturers, KK Wind Solutions has built an agile and well-proven supply setup.

We offer various manufacturing and supply chain services that reduce cost and complexity in your supply chain while never compromising on quality and safety.

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