Integrated systems

Reduce costs and complexity through integrated system solutions delivery.

The industry calls for enhanced electro-mechanical system integration deliveries to streamline and simplify wind turbine production.

Dedicated systems integrator

As a dedicated systems integrator, we have a proven track record in developing and manufacturing large-scale platforms combining electrical systems and mechanical structures.

We develop high-quality integrated system solutions that excel in innovation, competitive Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), and ease of installation of our customer’s assembly of wind turbines.

By leveraging our knowledge and experience with different wind turbine technologies and global supply chains, we approach each integrated system from various perspectives, ensuring that our customers benefit from our expertise and receive the best possible solution for them. 

A proven approach

Based on overall customer requirements, we generate tailored design proposals.

We iterate and select the most promising solutions for further development together with the customer, narrowing down to the best and most optimal solution.

Quality and tested designs
We deliver accurate and precise solutions to the highest standards. When a solution requires integration with multiple interfaces, we optimise the testing, which resolves potential issues with the system solution and saves our customers valuable time assembling wind turbines.

Designed for standard transportation
From the initial design phase, we focus on optimising systems for standard transportation solutions, ensuring that portability and ease of transport to the intended destination are prioritised. We handle all practical aspects of packaging and shipping the solution to the customer, providing a seamless delivery experience.

Tailored tower rack systems

Explore our offerings within tailored tower systems.