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Cutting-edge control systems for seamless integration

KK Wind Solutions' leverages its hardware and software expertise to create advanced control systems and tailored panels for cost-reliable operations.

Tailored control panels based on a proven approach

KK Wind Solutions has over 40 years of experience in developing and manufacturing customised control panels. Experts in both hardware and software design.

Tailored software solutions based on domain expertise

KK Wind Solutions offers customised software solutions from smaller turbine electrical products to robust power backup solutions, PtX tech and retrofits.

Robust controllers for reliable and proven performance

KK Wind Solutions' robust controllers for reliable, proven performance in wind turbines and renewable energy applications, both onshore and offshore.

Reliable and precise control sensor technology

KK Wind Solutions’ off-the-shelf wind and acceleration sensors built for harsh on-site conditions. A proven track record to ensure safety of turbines.

Protect assets with TCM® tailored monitoring solutions

Make informed decisions to optimise turbine output, safeguard assets and establish cost-effective maintenance schedules with TCM® monitoring solutions.

TCM® monitoring service, remote condition monitoring

TCM® Monitoring service is a reliable condition monitoring service that offers effective remote monitoring, support from vibration data specialists.
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