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Expand your condition monitoring capabilities and get the most out of your solution.

Expert CMS training

Our training programs equip TCM® users to reach their full potential and ease daily maintenance tasks.

Understanding how to connect the dots is essential to prolonging the lifetime of turbines. Our training equips you with the knowledge and tools to utilise TCM® effectively in your daily monitoring and maintenance work.

The TCM® system has many features that our highly skilled academy trainers can help unfold. They are dedicated to enabling our customers to get the most out of their solutions.

Our training programs include the installation of TCM® hardware for field technicians and courses focused on performing daily monitoring tasks for site managers and engineers.


Our specialised support team helps you with questions regarding your TCM® solution, including updates and software maintenance, troubleshooting, ongoing service improvements, and more.

One of our main support services used by leading on- and offshore wind turbine owners and operators worldwide includes quarterly software updates, security updates, improved diagnostic tests and ongoing service improvements for all customers.

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