Vestas and KK Wind Solutions expand their partnership with TCM®

Vestas and KK Wind Solutions are expanding their partnership by introducing the Turbine Condition Monitoring (TCM®) system to all new Vestas wind turbines.

Since 2017, Turbine Condition Monitoring (TCM®) has been installed and operating on all Vestas offshore turbines and will now be introduced to Vestas onshore turbines, starting with V163-4.5MW.

“Based on our great experience with TCM® on our offshore turbines and our excellent cooperation with KK Wind Solutions, we are pleased to introduce TCM® to our onshore fleet. Its modern system infrastructure and IoT architecture enable easy scalability, efficient data sharing, and compliance with cybersecurity requirements necessary for future wind farm monitoring,” says Søren Agger, Senior Specialist at Vestas.

Vestas has been utilising vibration monitoring since 2006 to predict failures, significantly reducing repair costs and minimising turbine downtime. As wind turbines continue to grow in size and capacity, the need for efficient monitoring systems becomes increasingly important.

“We are proud to introduce our latest generation of the condition monitoring system, TCM®, to the Vestas onshore fleet. This system has already proven itself on the Vestas offshore fleet, demonstrating its versatility and cutting-edge capabilities,” says Allan Detlefsen, Senior Account Manager at KK Wind Solutions.

Our 4th generation of the condition monitoring system builds on over 25 years of experience, specifically in wind turbine monitoring. With unique hardware, sophisticated software, advanced algorithms, and innovative system design, TCM® embodies our extensive expertise. It features enhanced processing power and a maintenance-free design, ensuring durability in harsh nacelle environments without additional enclosures.

Vestas is a valued partner of KK Wind Solutions, and we look forward to strengthening our partnership further in the years to come. Together, we aim to drive innovation in the wind energy sector, leveraging our TCM® system to predict turbine failures and reduce operational costs.

About Turbine Condition Monitoring (TCM®)
TCM® is a state-of-the-art condition monitoring solution that identifies emerging faults and damages in core wind turbine components. TCM® enables owners and operators to predict turbine health and improve operational decisions that help reduce turbine downtime and increase power production – providing peace of mind.